• Tell The World

    share how to make anything

    Alchematter is a new way to share designs for open hardware objects. It's the tool that makers around the world have been waiting for.

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  • Open Source Everything

    we're working to make this a reality

    Alchematter lets users quickly and easily describe how to make anything, with no limitation. Start from as raw or as finished a material as you want. Start from scratch, or remix an existing project. You can even make mashups of multiple projects.

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  • Procedural Object Definition

    modularity makes all the difference

    Alchematter describes objects as the outcome of procedures. The modularity of these procedures makes it possible to piece one together from existing bits - wood, paint, cutting, gluing, etc.

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  • By Makers For Makers

    because none of us is as smart as all of us

    Alchematter is designed from the ground up to support the global maker community. Our founders are both heavily involved in the open hardware movement.

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Simple & Powerful

Describing procedures with Alchematter is easy, and the functionality you get from these descriptions is incredible. Better search, better recommendation, better community.

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Remix, not Redefinition

Alchematter’s modularity means users can quickly make derivatives, remixes, or mashups of existing projects, and save bits and pieces they like to use later.

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By Makers for Makers

With a founding team of bi-coastal American makers who love open source hardware to their core, Alchematter is built from the ground up to make more awesome for makers everywhere.

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