Meet our wonderful team

Dominic Muren


With a BS in mechanical engineering, an MID in industrial design, 4 years working in product design, and 5 years in design education, Dominic has a unique blend of knowledge about sustainability, manufacturing, education, and materials. He has been involved in the maker movement since its earliest days, and is well connected in the community on both coasts.

Dustyn Roberts


With a BS in mechanical engineering and 5 years of experience in interplanetary robotics, Dustyn has an exceptional understanding of mechanical design and complex project management. She is also deeply involved in both the New York maker community and the STEM education world.

Laura Kobroff

Engineering Project Manager

A startup veteran with 3 years experience in e-commerce UX at Groupon and a further 2 years experience in community management at Zipcar, Laura brings to Alchematter her knowledge of agile software development and internationalization along with expertise in design for scalability and efficiency.

Who we are

We are a growing team of makers, engineers, and designers with a mission.

What we do

We are creating the most comprehensive and accessible way to document how objects are made and encourage sharing of this knowledge.

Why it matters

None of us is as smart as all of us. By pooling the knowledge we have, we can organize to make things and solve problems better and faster.

Interested in helping us re-write manufacturing?